Alloy wheels refurbishment & respray - car part refurbishment & respray - collect & return throughout Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, Sussex, Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester
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Welcome to K & N Alloy Wheels and Car Part refurbishment

K & N Alloy Wheels have refurbishment factories in Southampton and Portsmouth. We can help you to restore your alloy wheels, respray them and as part of a new service for 2010, we will collect and return your alloy wheels free within our Southampton and Portsmouth catchment area.

Alloy Wheels

  • scuff repair
  • chips repaired
  • resprays (any colour)
  • laquer finish
  • powder coating finish
  • stove enamel finish
  • accepted with or without tyres on
  • FREE collect & return service
  • nationwide postal service

          More information on our alloy wheel refurbishment and respray services

Car Part Refurbishment

  • suspension parts cleaning
  • chassis parts cleaning
  • panel preparation
  • shell preparation
  • paint removal
  • grease removal
  • sealant removal
  • adhesive removal
  • underseal removal

          More information on our car parts refurbishment service

K&N Alloy Wheels refurbishment throughout Southampton, Portsmouth and all surrounding areas. Now with free collect and return fill out our alloy wheel and car part refurbishment contact form here Click here to email K&N Alloy Wheels

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